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Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler 2: Lineare Algebra, Funktionen mehrerer Variablen

Mathematik gehört zu den Grundfächern für jeden Studierenden der Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften. Er benötigt Kenntnisse der research, der Linearen Algebra sowie der Funktionen einer und mehrerer Variablen. Das zweibändige Taschenbuch, hervorgegangen aus Vorlesungen des Autors an der Universität Regensburg, stellt den Studienstoff sehr anschaulich dar, unterstützt durch eine Vielzahl von Beispielen und Abbildungen.

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Cv is an array containing the constants to be used in the inequalities; it ALWAYS starts from index 1. If cv contains one zero in location i, then the corresponding inequality is r j[il < O. The parameter printing enables the stability region on the complex plane to be plotted, if it is set to 1, with height given by the homonym parameter; if it is equal to 0, then only the intervals of stability are printed. If the computation produces an unlimited interval of stability, the stability region is not plotted for any value of printing.

Infh = Infinitesimals[eqh, v, s]; infh / / LTF J.. _ _ k2 v '/'1 - - -2- 6 == k1 + k2 s We apply the method of first integrals to eqh to determine the solution [1,2]. {kl -t 1, k2 -t O} I. {kl-t O,k2 -tl} I. Hl + ~ v/[S][t]2)+ ( - ~ v[s][t] + s[t] v/[s][t]) v" [s][t]) / Cv'J[llnl + ~ V/[S][t]2)dt == c1 However, the solution of the equation eqh is gained if we take the first integral as defining equation for v. Thus another integration by DSolve[] delivers the solution csolex2 = DSolve[integral2, v, s] InverseFunction :: "ifun": "Warning: Inversefunctionsare beingused.

It must be noted that the step-sizes mentioned above are, or can be, much larger than the step-sizes used in other ODE solvers such as Runge-Kutta. The initial 'test evaluation' can use a step-size of as much as of the complete range of integration. So the usual number of steps is often much less than other methods. The polynomial is then coded into a Fortran ASP. Each monomial becomes one line of Fortran code to better facilitate the calculation of the return values y, Y' ... l). This is then passed to the nagd for compilation and linking.

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