By Will Eisner

Via a quartet of 4 interwoven tales, A agreement With God show the enjoyment, exuberance, tragedy, and drama of existence at the legendary Dropsie road within the Bronx. this is often the mythical e-book that introduced a brand new artwork shape and reaffirmed Will Eisner as one of many nice pioneers of yankee graphics.

Literary Awards
Harvey Awards for top photo Album of unique fabric (1992)
Will Eisner comedian Awards for most sensible photograph Album: New (1992)

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There are 4 of us now! There are 4 of us now! There are 4 of us now! Hmm . . I think I get it! There are 4 of us now! Each time you say that word another you appears! 52 That’s why this planet is called Copyworld! It copies people who talk about themselves too much! Hey, are you talking about me? Hey, are you talking about me? Hey, are you talking about me? Hey, are you talking about me? This is making me feel a little lonely all of a sudden! Great! It works for me too! Great! It works for me too!

Or we’ll be the new laughingstocks in town. Ha ha ha! Look how upset the Astronomer is. We must be on the right track. B612 will be mine at any cost! Impossible! How did they get up there? 27 AAA A Aaaahh! 28 Ahh . I can see clearly now. Help me, Little Prince! VICTORY IS MINE! Finally. I have won at last. 29 I should have believed in you from the beginning. Oh no! Am I too late? Ted! Ted! I’m so sorry. . Why are you crying, Claos? Huh? uh ... I knew that! Ted’s just asleep. Uncle Claos? Is it time for breakfast?

I’m feeling lost. Antoine has captured my planet and my Rose . . Please, convince your son to free the stars! It’s our only hope. The owl robot hasn’t returned yet. . Oh . . Little Prince . . We still have a chance to catch it before it delivers B612 to the Astronomer. Ted, go take shelter in the village, and tell the Chlorophyllians to take cover. It could get dangerous out here. No one hurts the Little Prince when I’m around! 31 B612 is mine! 32 It’s now or never! Leave the robot to me! grooARRR!

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