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Starting Out: The Grunfeld Defence (Starting Out - Everyman Chess)

Those books are ideal for enthusiastic chess gamers who're beginning out within the video game, and who're looking to comprehend the fundamental ideas at the back of those very important openings: the Pirc/Modern and the Gr? nfeld. those 2 books are written in a straight forward kind with an abundance of notes, suggestions and warnings scattered all through, whereas key ideas, principles, and strategies for each side are essentially illustrated.

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Ac8 has been given unjustifiably bad press. 15 ¥xf6 For those that may not have seen it before, in 'Winning With The Dragon' I gave the game Sievers−Ward, Guildford Masters 1991 which from here continued instead with 15 f4 ¤c4 16 ¥xc4 bxc4 17 e5 ¦b8 18 exf6 exf6 19 ¥h4 £b4 20 £c1 £xc3 21 ¤b3 XABCDEFGHY 8-tr-+-+k+( 7zp-+l+pvlp' 6-+-zp-zpp+& 5+-tr-+-+-% 4-+p+-zP-vL$ 3+Nwq-+-+-# 2PzPP+-+PzP" 1+KwQRtR-+-! cxb3 22 bxc3 bxa2+ 23 ¢xa2 ¦a5+ 24 £a3 ¥e6+ 25 ¦xe6 ¦xa3+ 26 ¢xa3 fxe6 and I converted the endgame of a thoroughly enjoyable encounter.

Whilst it's true that Karpov once gave 18 Nc3 Ng4! in some analysis, this is just much stronger. Rxc4, but once stopped this Maroczy bind is incredibly difficult to break down. 20 ¢c2 : Reeh,O−Ward,C/Bern 1993. 14 ¥xc4 ¦xc4 15 ¤b3 XABCDEFGHY 8r+-+-+k+( 7zpp+lzppvlp' 6-+-zp-snp+& 5wq-+-+-+-% 4-+r+P+-zP$ 3+NsN-vLP+-# 2PzPPwQ-+P+" 1+K+R+-+R! ¦xc3 16 bxc3 ¤xh5 17 g4 ¤f6 18 ¥h6 ¥h8!? £d8 17 ¥h6 ¥xh6 18 £xh6 £f8 :Schramm,C−Grabarczyk,B/Griesheim GER 2002. £c7 16 ¥d4 16 ¥h6 ¥h8!? A logical choice, but not without it's drawbacks.

17 ¥h6 ¥xh6? Bh8!? is these days considered much more in the spirit. From here on in it's all one way traffic. 18 £xh6 ¦fc8 19 ¦d3! XABCDEFGHY 8-+r+-+k+( 7zpp+lzpp+p' 6-+-zp-snpwQ& 5wq-+-+-+-% 4-+r+P+P+$ 3+-sNR+P+-# 2PzPP+N+-+" 1+-mK-+-+R! xabcdefghy Karpov,A−Korchnoi,V/Moscow 1974. 34 Dragon − Yugoslav Attack: 10 0-0-0 Ne5 11 Bb3 b5 [B78] Last updated: 08/02/02 by Chris Ward 1 e4 c5 2 ¤f3 d6 3 d4 cxd4 4 ¤xd4 ¤f6 5 ¤c3 g6 6 ¥e3 ¥g7 7 f3 ¤c6 8 £d2 0-0 9 ¥c4 ¥d7 10 0-0-0 ¤e5 11 ¥b3 b5 XABCDEFGHY 8r+-wq-trk+( 7zp-+lzppvlp' 6-+-zp-snp+& 5+p+-sn-+-% 4-+-sNP+-+$ 3+LsN-vLP+-# 2PzPPwQ-+PzP" 1+-mKR+-+R!

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