By Dr. Max and David Hooper Euwe

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Starting Out: The Grunfeld Defence (Starting Out - Everyman Chess)

Those books are ideal for enthusiastic chess avid gamers who're beginning out within the online game, and who're looking to comprehend the elemental ideas at the back of those very important openings: the Pirc/Modern and the Gr? nfeld. those 2 books are written in a undemanding kind with an abundance of notes, assistance and warnings scattered all through, whereas key thoughts, rules, and strategies for either side are truly illustrated.

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F K S ? BK7 2. BK8 RKtS brings about a position which occurred in the game Gaglidze r. Kaspafyal (Tiflis, 1929)3. KO8 KKR3 4. RQ7 B x P 5. PK6 KKt2 6. PK7 KBJ 7. BK8 B08 8. BB7 W i t e wins I (the bishop cannot at o m to KRS, I 1X MINOR RECE ENDlNGS and loses a vital tempo) S . . BRS 9. BR5 KK4 10. BK14 KQ3. Another line is f . PRS? BK7 2. RK8 BKt5 3. KQ6 K R 3 4. H47 B x P 5. PK6 RKtZ 6. BR4 UKt3 8 . KQ7 RK4 9. KQ8 KQ3. In both varbtions Black bas time to capture the RP, and to rerurn and iiike the vertical opposition, as 13xamplc 129.

KB4 zugiwang, if 12... BK1. B Q ~g. BQ3 HK6 y. BBS, the bishop shietds the advanceof tRe RtP 9. ch. 14. KR5, or i f 10. PK[4 BK7 11. PKtS 'ch. "KR4 followed by PR5. 12. KKt3. K-K4 3 B-B1. 3 15 K,,--B4 R-B2 4 R-B2 K-R4 16 B-35 s-8 5 Ku-K3 U,-,"Q2 I 7 B-Kt4 a-B7 6 P-R4 B Kt5 18 P-RS a--Qs 7 B-KZ %-K3 19 B,-,,,B5 8 -3 B-KT 20 P-R6 &R4 White next kiss to gct his king te K W . 23 K-KS K--ZPI If 8. K-I34 Black estabfishcs 22 K-B6 K-Kt 1 his king at KKt4, and the pawns are 23 B-,ICd ch, K-R t Mack4 after 9.

Xf I. BR5 KB4. I ... K --B3 Not I . . KIM? 2. BK5. 2 B-K8 ch. K- Q4 Again not 2... K 3 4 ? 3. BR5. 3 B-K5 K---a On the critical diagonal (White's KR5--K8) the squares used by the bishop, KRS, KB7, and KS, correlate r e s p I i v d y to the squam used by Black's k,ng, QB4, QR3, and Q4; and neither player can lose a move. 4 R-43 This a d d s the cyclic reptition, but when the bishop leaves the diagonal in qumtion, the knight can harass White's king. foot. 'The bishop changes diagonats with a check.

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