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Considering the fact that i do know not anything approximately building, i'm going to defer to my husband. He has been construction his man-cave downstairs for two years now. the photographs within the publication were stress-free for him and he alternatives the e-book up occasionally to try how he
has already stepped forward and what he may perhaps or would possibly not do subsequent. He likes it. it is only one other instrument he has extra to his Handyman magazines.

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In must be regarded as fundamental canons facts 23 in the arrange- ment of moldings. There are three planes in which moldings lie will be found to one parallel with the outer wall, which we shall designate ; the wall-plane soffit, ; one at right angles to which may be called the or parallel with the it, soffit-plane ; and the third, the plane formed by chamfering an edge, which was generally (not invariably) done at chamfer-plane. b the an angle of about In PL. II. fig. 10, soffit-plane, c the wall-plane.

40 both from Lincoln Minster ; the latter also illustrates the fillet as Fig. 11 is the chancel doorway it were depressed into the at Ludborough, Lincolnshire, which shows some other roll. varieties; in fact, the combination of the roll-and-fillet having been once suggested, they seem to have been utmost PL. Fig. 15 is a groin-rib from Furness Abbey. licence. 4 and III. figs. Abbey ; 5 and 6 Robertsbridge groin-ribs from are are fragments from Tintern and St. Mary's from Histon, near Cambridge.

IV. at figs. Norman work ; fig. 2, some or and the sub- rolls, arch cut away into a broad semi-cylindrical rib, as in represents, a ; which fig. 4, Barholme, Lincolnshire, 7 and 8, are groin-ribs of the one from Glastonbury, the other from Peterborough, early Norman : both satisfactorily exhibiting the formation of the roll- ; molding or bowtell. The deep rounded hollow (as contrasted with the mere notch), by which the contrast of light and shade was obtained, was an after-thought, which was not developed period, when it was carried to till the Early English an extravagant excess, so that roll-moldiDgs were extensively undercut or attached only by a small neck of stone detached arches or ; thus bearing the effect of a series of ribs, rising in succession above and behind each other, each independent and unconnected, the eye being unable to penetrate to the depth of the dark hollow.

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