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Second, what are the possible approaches to the replacement of these losses? The discussion of these questions provides a context for the more focused discussion of workers’ compensation benefits that follows. Third, what is the statutory workers’ compensation approach to the replacement of losses? In answering this question, we explore the historical and current understandings of workers’ compensation benefits. Fourth, what benchmarks are available to measure adequacy of workers’ compensation benefits, and what will these measures tell us about Adequacy of Earnings Replacement 23 the adequacy of benefits?

As a result, low-wage workers may receive Adequacy of Earnings Replacement 33 a higher replacement rate than higher-wage workers, even extending beyond full wage replacement for low-wage workers in some jurisdictions. Last, in a few states the duration of workers’ compensation TTD benefits is capped at an arbitrary period of time, ranging from 104 weeks to 500 weeks (from 2 to almost 10 years). Although a disability lasting several years is not commonly thought of as “temporary,” this limit means for a few workers benefits may end before the worker has reached maximum medical improvement or before he has returned to work.

132): This system makes benefits 80 percent of spendable earnings. S. 53. In contrast, a benefit of 66 2/3 percent of the gross weekly wage would be $100. 53 was an appropriate adjustment reflecting the increasing importance of supplements since the 66 2/3 percent allowance was first developed. Since supplements (such as employer contributions for pensions plans) are not included in the gross or spendable average weekly earnings figures, an adjustment to compensate for their omission is appropriate.

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