By M. M. Botvinnik

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H 6, 'it>g2, h4-h5 and �h l . Black can do little to create counterplay, as a future advance with . . b5 will only weaken his queen side, while I can easily defend mine with �e2. My kingside a ctivity will be more impor­ tant than any Black can create. iLa 3 �e8 12 �b 3 (D) Black to play Judgement: Here we � gaj n enter the game at a late opening phase. Both sides have tried to de­ velop harmoniously, but with different ideas about their middlegame plans on their minds. White expects that his pressure on the queenside will prove effective, while Black is relying on his strong central pawns.

D7 21 i.. b 3 i.. c 6 will result in an unclear position with equal chances. I should be satisfied with this, as I have succeeded in equalizing with the black pieces. That should the first step in the normal course of events. c: I think that my position should offer me good possibilities of grabbing the initiative. First of all, I should decide on where to place my pieces. I think that my c5-knight, although excellently placed at first sight, is too far away from the weak white kingside and also blocks the c-file, where White's weak c3-pawn is situated.

D4 advance, but also offers my pieces their best placement. B: I think that my pieces are standing well and my main problem is to place my king in a safe lo­ cation. At the same time I should be on the alert and not allow Black to achieve the . . d4 advance, as then my advantage would evaporate. My idea should be to transfer my queen to the kingside, where it will protect my king and at the same make attacking gestures towards the black one. Therefore, I should play 1 4 �a4 and �h4. C : As Black's pieces are well developed, I think that I should not have any real advantage.

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