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Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler 2: Lineare Algebra, Funktionen mehrerer Variablen

Mathematik gehört zu den Grundfächern für jeden Studierenden der Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften. Er benötigt Kenntnisse der research, der Linearen Algebra sowie der Funktionen einer und mehrerer Variablen. Das zweibändige Taschenbuch, hervorgegangen aus Vorlesungen des Autors an der Universität Regensburg, stellt den Studienstoff sehr anschaulich dar, unterstützt durch eine Vielzahl von Beispielen und Abbildungen.

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1 does not appear to have this uniqueness explicitly built into its definition. Luckily, its defining property does guarantee its uniqueness, but this requires a verification: 28 I. 2. The inverse of an isomorphism is unique. Proof. We have to verify that if both g1 and g2 : B → A act as inverses of a given isomorphism f : A → B, then g1 = g2 . The standard trick for this kind of verification is to compose f on the left by one of the morphisms, and on the right by the other one; then apply associativity.

The reader is invited to contemplate the notion of coproduct in the other categories we have encountered. , integers) a, b is simply the maximum of a and b. 38 I. 1. Prove that a final object in a category C is initial in the opposite category Cop (cf. 1). 2. Prove that ∅ is the unique initial object in Set. 3. Prove that final objects are unique up to isomorphism. 4. 8)? Are they unique? 5. 3? 6. 3) the set Z+ of positive integers with the divisibility relation. Thus there is exactly one morphism d → m in this category if and only if d divides m without remainder; there is no morphism between d and m otherwise.

Composition is obtained by stringing inclusions: if there are morphisms A→B , B→C ˆ then A ⊆ B and B ⊆ C, hence A ⊆ C and there is a morphism A → C. ). Examples in this style (but employing more sophisticated structures, such as the family of open subsets of a topological space) are hugely important in wellestablished fields such as algebraic geometry. 5. The next example is very abstract, but thinking about it will make you rather comfortable with everything we have seen so far; and it is a very common construction, variations of which will abound in the course.

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