By Ammianus Marcellinus, J. C. Rolfe

Сохранившиеся части «Деяний» Аммиана Марцеллина, обычно объединяемые в его «Римскую историю». В ней вы найдете важные сведения о событиях 353-378 гг.

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Within the hundredth milestone he had supreme judicial, military, and administrative power. He convoked and presided over the senate, and made known its wishes to the ' Cassiodorus, Variae, Books vi. , gives the formulae for conferring the various offices, with a summary of their duties for the Praetorian Prefect, see vi. 3 tliere is a condensed translation by T. Hodgkin, London, ; ; 1886. 2 See xiv. 1, 10. note If the xxiii. 5, 6 cf. xx. 4, 8. Augusti and Caesars were four in number, each had his own prefect, and no such designation was necessary; ; INTRODUCTION His insignia were twelve fasces, he wore the toga, and shared with the praetorian prefectalone the privilege of using a chariot within the city.

Xxvi. (1915), pp. , and The Master of the Offices, Univ. , pp. 1-160, New York, 1924 J. E. , pp. 161-324. , Zur Geschichtsschreibuntj und Weltanschauung des Ammianus Marcellinus, Klio, Beiheft 16, 1923 T. R. Glover, Life and Letters in the Fourth Century, Camb. Univ. Press, 1901 R. B. Steele, Ammianus Marcellinus, Class. , pp. 18 ff. and 27 ff. W. W. Hyde, Roman Alpine Passes, in process of publication by the American Philosophical Society. Official ; : ; ; ; ; See note, p. xlvii. -This was not available to ' me for vol.

Through other subordinates he had charge of the banks in the various provinces, in which the money that was collected was kept until it was sent to him. He controlled the other mines and those who worked in them, the coinage, and the mints. He was general superintendent of the imperial factories, the employees in which could not engage in private work and were hereditarily confined to their special trades ; they were under the direct charge of procuratores. He also had judicial control over his subordinates and the power of confirming the appointments of some judges in the provinces.

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