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The newly discovered antibodies, anti-Kp a and anti-Kp b have disclosed two new antigens closely related to K and k. MINOR GROUPS AND THEIR NOTATION 47 (discovered in 1951) The short symbols for the alleles of the Kidd group are Jk a and Jk&. Several samples of antibodies against both antigens have been found ; they react best by the antiglobulin reaction. The incidence is approximately 76 per cent Jk a and 74 per cent. J k \ KIDD New blood groups are being discovered astonishingly frequently. Some are so rare that no examples are found outside the families of the patients in whom they were first discovered.

Wiener and other experts 43 D 2 44 HUMAN BLOOD GBOUPS concerning whether the DCE notation should be used at all, or instead a system of capital R's printed in various ways and attended by a number of superscript and subscript signs. As to this dispute, it is of no consequence to anyone but those who aspire to those intellectual levels at which it is conducted, and they may judge for themselves ; the rest may be content to adopt whichever system best stands the test of time. But the discovery of each new blood group raises essentially the same problem afresh and an attempt has been made to devise a system flexible enough to allow the necessary expansion, and yet reasonably consistent between one blood group system and another.

Both of these conditions are commoner in persons of Group A though the secretor status of sufferers from these disorders has not yet been determined. I t may be t h a t the actual site of the gastric lesion (both with ulcération and cancer) is more particularly related to blood group influences and this, to be speculative again, may be concerned with the distribution of secretory activity in different parts of the stomach. I t has been suggested t h a t Group A predominates in both cancers and ulcers when the lesion is in the antrum and that Group 0 predominates when the lesion is in the body ; if this were so the association of cancer with Group A and ulcers with Group O may merely reflect the higher incidence of cancers in the antrum and ulcers in the body.

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